TEI '16- Proceedings of the TEI '16: Tenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction

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SESSION: Keynote Addresses

Design Everything By Yourself User Interfaces For Graphics, CAD Modeling, and Robots

Inherently Meaningful

SESSION: Stuff That Works

Navigation of Pitch Space on a Digital Musical Instrument with Dynamic Tactile Feedback

MobiSweep: Exploring Spatial Design Ideation Using a Smartphone as a Hand-held Reference Plane

TMotion: Embedded 3D Mobile Input using Magnetic Sensing Technique

DataSpoon: Overcoming Design Challenges in Tangible and Embedded Assistive Technologies

T4Tags 2.0: A Tangible System for Supporting Users' Needs in the Domestic Environment

SESSION: Share, Show and Tell

Interactive Jewellery: a design exploration

Technologies for Everyday Life Reflection: Illustrating a Design Space

Towards a Framework for Tangible Narratives

Designing the Behavior of Interactive Objects

Ideating in Skills: Developing Tools for Embodied Co-Design

SESSION: What Your Body Can Do For You

Modifying Gesture Elicitation: Do Kinaesthetic Priming and Increased Production Reduce Legacy Bias?

If Your Mind Can Grasp It, Your Hands Will Help

Exploring the Aesthetics of Tangible Interaction: Experiments on the Perception of Hybrid Objects

The Aesthetics of Heat: Guiding Awareness with Thermal Stimuli

Substituting Color for Haptic Attributes in Conceptual Metaphors for Tangible Interaction Design

SESSION: When Learning Is Tough

It Could Just as Well Have Been in Greek: Experiences from Introducing Code as a Design Material to Exhibition Design Students

A Tangible Embedded Programming System to Convey Event-Handling Concept

SynFlo: A Tangible Museum Exhibit for Exploring Bio-Design

Engaging 'At-Risk' Students through Maker Culture Activities

Using Tangible Smart Replicas as Controls for an Interactive Museum Exhibition

SESSION: Keep In Shape

LivingSurface: Biofeedback through Shape-changing Display

Tangible Viewports: Getting Out of Flatland in Desktop Environments

ReFlex: A Flexible Smartphone with Active Haptic Feedback for Bend Input

A Basic Form Language for Shape-Changing Interfaces

Balancing User and System Control in Shape-Changing Interfaces: a Designerly Exploration

SESSION: With All Your Forces

On the Other Hand: Embodied Metaphors for Interactions with Mnemonic Objects in Live Presentations

Snake Charmer: Physically Enabling Virtual Objects

TOBE: Tangible Out-of-Body Experience

SESSION: Not For Kids Only

From Patchwork to Appliqué: Reflections from an Interaction Design Remake

Embodied Companion Technologies for Autistic Children

SmallTalk: Using Tangible Interactions to Gather Feedback from Children

Tangible Play Objects: Influence of Different Combinations of Feedback Modalities

ChillFish: A Respiration Game for Children with ADHD


Comparing Tangible and Multi-touch Interaction for Interactive Data Visualization Tasks

Sparse Tangibles: Collaborative Exploration of Gene Networks using Active Tangibles and Interactive Tabletops

Designing the Vertigo Experience: Vertigo as a Design Resource for Digital Bodily Play

Gleamy: An Ambient Display Lamp with a Transparency-Controllable Shade

Pneumatibles: Exploring Soft Robotic Actuators for the Design of User Interfaces with Pneumotactile Feedback

DoDoc: a Composite Interface that Supports Reflection-in-Action

Soft Pillows and the Near and Dear: Physical-to-Abstract Mappings with Image-Schematic Metaphors

Experience as an Object to Think with: from Sensing-in-action to Making-Sense of action in Full-Body Interaction Learning Environments

Crafting Mechatronic Percussion with Everyday Materials

Engagement Through Embodiment: A Case For Mindful Interaction

miMic: The Microphone as a Pencil

MOR4R: How to Create 3D Objects Using a Microwave Oven

SESSION: Work-in-Progress

EmotiPlant: Human-Plant Interaction for Older Adults

Maketec: A Makerspace as a Third Place for Children

Functional Demonstrators to Support Understanding of Smart Materials

IrukaTact: Submersible Haptic Search Glove

Penseive Box: Themes for Digital Memorialization Practices

Embodying Alternate Attitudes: Design Opportunities for Physical Interfaces in Persuasive Gaming Experiences

Exploring the Potential of Realtime Haptic Feedback during Social Interactions

Comparing bare-hand-in-air Gesture and Object-in-hand Tangible User Interaction for Navigation of 3D Objects in Modeling

Storytime with Hue: An Innovative Approach to Storytelling Where Storytellers Control a Dynamic Lighting Environment

InfoPhys: Direct Manipulation of Information Visualisation through a Force-Feedback Pointing Device

Making Communication Frequency Tangible: How Green Is My Tree?

Code Bits: An Inexpensive Tangible Computational Thinking Toolkit For K-12 Curriculum

TASK: Introducing The Interactive Audience Sensor Kit

Toward Thingy Oriented Programming: Recording Marcos With Tangibles

Exploring the Use of Shape Change in Home Appliances

MARCut: Marker-based Laser Cutting for Personal Fabrication on Existing Objects

UnicrePaint: Digital Painting through Physical Objects for Unique Creative Experiences

Grasping Cultural Context through Multisensory Interactions

Exploring SCI as Means of Interaction through the Design Case of Vacuum Cleaning

Four Stories About Feeling Close Over A Distance

Click: Using Smart Devices For Physical Collaborative Coding Education

HandyFeet: Social Bodily Play Via Split Control of a Human Puppet's Limbs

HydroMorph: Shape Changing Water Membrane for Display and Interaction

Tangible Modeling Methods for Faster Rapid Prototyping

Expressing Intent: An Exploration of Rich Interactions

Interactive Jewellery as Memory Cue: Designing a Sound Locket for Individual Reminiscence

Designing a Multi-user Interactive Simulation Using AR Glasses

MoCap Tango: Traces of Complexity

Functional Interactive Tatting: Bringing Together a Traditional Handicraft and Electronics

Tactile Band: Accessing Gaze Signals from the Sighted in Face-to-Face Communication

E-Gaze Glasses: Simulating Natural Gazes for Blind People

Inner Garden: an Augmented Sandbox Designed for Self-Reflection

A Tangible Tool for Visual Impaired Users to Learn Geometry

The Speaker's Staff: Supporting Remote Multidisciplinary Team Meetings in Hospitals

MagnetoWear: A Magnetic Wearable Device to Interact With the Smartphone to Perform Personalized Actions

Present-at-Body Self-Awareness in Equestrians: Exploring Embodied 'Feel' through Tactile Wearables

Designing Sculpting Light Systems for Information Decoration

DrawForming: An Interactive Fabrication Method for Vacuum Forming

KIP3: Robotic Companion as an External Cue to Students with ADHD

SESSION: Art Exhibition

The BIOdress: A Body-worn Interface for Environmental Embodiment

POEME: A Poetry Engine Powered by Your Movement

Functionality in Wearable Tech: Device, as Jewelry, as Body Mediator

Dividual Plays Experimental Lab: An installation derived from Dividual Plays

A Flying Pantograph: Interleaving Expressivity of Human and Machine

What We Have Lost / What We Have Gained: Tangible Interactions Between Physical and Digital Bodies

Exploring Bodies, Mediation and Points of View using a Robotic Avatar

Tangible Scores

Heart Calligraphy: an Abstract Portrait Inside the Body

SESSION: Graduate Student Consortium

Crafting Tangible Interaction to Prompt Visitors' Engagement in House Museums

Towards Self-Aware Materials

Exploring the Design Space of Tangible Systems Supported for Early Reading Acquisition in Children with Dyslexia

Embodied Spatial Thinking in Tangible Computing

Performance-Led Design of Computationally Generated Audio for Interactive Applications

Designing for the Mindbody in Technology-Mediated Music-Making

Exploring 3D Printed Interaction

Designing Posture Monitoring Garments to Support Rehabilitation

SESSION: Student Design Challenge


Sensole: An Insole-Based Tickle Tactile Interface

InflatiBits: A Modular Soft Robotic Construction Kit for Children

Whoosh Gloves: Interactive Tool to Form a Dialog Between Dancer and Choreographer

Hulagram: Inspiring Creativity Through Human Movement

Tommy Blocks: a modern redesign of the classical children's building blocks

MuSme: A Tangible Skin Suit for Music Creation

SESSION: Studio-Workshops

Designing Tangibles for Children: One Day Hands-on Workshop

Tangible Data, explorations in data physicalization

MeMod: A Modular Hacking and Programming Toolkit For Everyday Objects

The Interaction Engine: Tools for Prototyping Connected Devices

TEI 2016 Studio: Inflated Curiosity

Bodily Sketching With Sensable Stretchables

Embodying Soft Wearables Research

Stereo Haptics: Designing Haptic Interactions using Audio Tools

Developing Responsive and Interactive Environments with the ROSS Toolkit

GaussStudio: Designing Seamless Tangible Interactions on Portable Displays

Second Workshop on Full-Body and Multisensory Experience