Local Access

"Tokyu Toyoko Line" takes about 20 min by a local train. (* Limited Express* trains don't stop in Hiyoshi station. If you take a limited express train, please transfer to a local train at Kikuna station.)

Download the offline access map.

From Haneda International Airport
Mode Time Cost
(fastest route)
Train 45min ¥650 fromHaneda.pdf
Taxi $750 ¥5,790 fromHanedaTaxi.pdf

From Narita International Airport
Mode Time Cost
(fastest route)
Train 1h33min ¥3,490
Cheaper options might be available at the time
Taxi 1h32min ¥26,799 fromNaritaTaxi.pdf

Japan Taxi Fare Finder: https://www.taxifarefinder.com

Some useful phrases for Taxi: http://japanese-phrases.sakura.ne.jp/page11j.html

Transportation to the banquet venue

Transportation will be provided for attending the banquet event. The details will be announced during the conference. Please note that no transport will be provided back from the conference.

Hotel Booking
Since the venue is a university location, we are unable to provide any designated hotels. Please book a nearby hotel room by yourself. Early booking is strongly recommendaed becuase of constant shortage of hotel rooms in Tokyo. Following are some recommended hotels which are closer to the venue.


View Larger Map for hotel details, availability and booking sites.


Richmond Hotel Premier Musashikosugi
Intercontinental Yokohama
Yokohama Bay Sheraton and Towers
Yokohama Royal Park Hotel
The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu
Hotel New Grand
Hotel Associa Shin Yokohama
Kawasaki Nikko Hotel
Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel
Shin Yokohama Kokusai Hotel