Diversity and Inclusion Lunch

Tuesday, March 19, 2019, 12.30pm

Tempe Mission Palms

Gopinaath Kannabiran, Aarhus University

Invited Speaker and Organizer

Example TEI Works Relevant to Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion Lunch at TEI 2019

Welcome to our first Diversity & Inclusion Lunch at TEI 2019, the first gathering of its kind at TEI!

Aims and Topics

Through this event, our overarching goal is to create and strengthen the diverse networks of our attendees, in efforts to create more academic, research, and industry opportunity for those of traditionally marginalized backgrounds.

1. Create and strengthen the diverse networks of our attendees and support mentorships across academic, research and industry for those with traditionally marginalized backgrounds.

2. Reflect on current TEI research in diversity/inclusion and develop a concrete agenda for future TEI work to explore previously under-studied diversity/inclusion themes.

Over lunch provided for the attendees, we aim to have discussion in small table groups concerning diversity issues and to elevate the work of students, researchers, academics and industry professionals from an array of traditionally marginalized backgrounds. Issues to be discussed include, but are not limited to race, ethnicity, culture, age and professional experience, gender identity and sexual orientation, ability politics and impairments, religious beliefs, etc.

Expected Outcomes

The event will have direct impact for attendees as well as broader impact for the SIGCHI community. In the most immediate sense, the event will create a professional and social network for the attendees who are physically present. The event will facilitate discussions around current and future work on diversity and inclusion, and the last part of the event will produce a tangible roadmap for future events and research.

In addition, the results of the event will be more broadly disseminated by sharing the diversity and inclusion roadmap with the TEI 2019 attendees as well as the broader SIGCHI audience. The roadmap will be presented as a physical artifact during the conference Arts Reception. In addition, the roadmap will be posted on the TEI2019 website, with highlights disseminated through social media. If there is interest from attendees, a blogpost will be submitted to a venue such as ACM Interactions.


Lunch menu with several options (including vegetarians)

Date: Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

Time: 12.30 PM - 2.00 PM

Location: Tempe Mission Palms

Cost: Free for students / $10 for others

We are pleased to create a welcoming environment for a diverse group of people.
TEI 2019 is providing a gender-neutral restroom, as well as pronoun-identifying badges, in order for everyone to have the most comfortable experience possible.

Diversity & Inclusion Lunch Chairs

Gopinaath Kannabiran, Aarhus University

Althea Pergakis, Arizona State University