• Kunihiro Kato,Kaori Ikematsu,Yuki Igarashi,Yoshihiro Kawahara
    Paper-Woven Circuits: Fabrication Approach for Papercraft-based Electronic Devices
  • Ayaka Ishii,Kunihiro Kato,Kaori Ikematsu,Yoshihiro Kawahara,Itiro Siio
    CircWood: Laser Printed Circuit Boards and Sensors for DIY Woodworking
  • Jonathan Hatley,Noah Posner,HyunJoo Oh,Sang-won Leigh
    Mixed Dimensions: Exploring Novel Material and Extrusion Tool for 2.5D Shape Painting
  • Franklin Pezutti-Dyer, Leah Buechley
    Extruder-Turtle: A Library for 3D Printing Delicate, Textured, and Flexible Objects

Session 2: CASE STUDY


  • Elzelinde van Doleweerd,Ferran Altarriba Bertran,Miguel Bruns
    INCORPORATING SHAPE-CHANGING FOOD MATERIALS INTO EVERYDAY CULINARY PRACTICES Guidelines Informed by Participatory Sessions with Chefs Involving Edible pH-responsive Origami Structures
  • Maarten Houben,Rens Brankaert,Gail Kenning,Inge M.B Bongers,Berry Eggen
    Enriching Everyday Lived Experiences in Dementia Care
  • Johanna Gramlich,Selina Pauli,Stephan Huber,Cordula Baur,Jörn Hurtienne
    Fin, Whale, Coin and Flatterer: Exploring Tangibles for Air Traffic Control
  • Jelle van Dijk
    Zooming in on embodied social sensemaking: Mapping the design space in the context of videoconferencing

Session 3: Prototyping


  • Christopher Getschmann,Everett Mondliwethu Mthunzi,Florian Echtler
    MirrorForge: Rapid Prototyping of Complex Mirrors for Camera and Projector Systems

  • Paul Strohmeier,Dennis Wittchen,Katta Spiel,Bruno Fruchard,Donald Degraen,Oliver Schneider,Georg Freitag
    TactJam: An End-to-End Prototyping Suite for Collaborative Design of On-Body Vibrotactile Feedback

  • Julia van Zilt,Amy Winters,Hannah Koch,Miguel Bruns
    The Design Process of a Multi-Disciplinary Tool for Developing Interactive Textiles

  • Dominic Potts,Martynas Dabravalskis,Steven Houben
    TangibleTouch: A Toolkit for Designing Surface-based Gestures for Tangible Interfaces

Session 4: Materials and Design


  • Fiona Bell,Latifa Al Naimi,Ella S McQuaid,Mirela Alistar
    Designing with Alganyl

  • Daniel Harley,Stefan Grambart,Rodrigo Skazufka Bergel,Ali Mazalek
    Together Alone: A Tangible Online Narrative

  • Rikke Hagensby Jensen,Enrique Encinas,Dimitrios Raptis
    Spicing It Up: From Ubiquitous Devices to Tangible Things Through Provocation

  • Hedieh Moradi,Long N Nguyen,Quyen-Anh Valentina Nguyen,Cesar Torres
    Glaze Epochs: Understanding How Material Knowledge is Externalized in a Ceramics Studio

  • Karen Cochrane,Kristina Mah,Anna Ståhl,Claudia Núñez-Pacheco,Madeline Balaam,Naseem Ahmadpour,Lian Loke
    Body Maps: A Generative Tool for Soma-based Design

Session 5: Well-being


  • Rohit Ashok Khot,Jason Ng,Deepti Aggarwal
    Crafting Tangible Interfaces for Human Digestion: Unpacking the Research through Design Prototyping Journey

  • Rohit Ashok Khot,Jung-Ying (Lois) Yi,Deepti Aggarwal
    Designing for Microbreaks: Unpacking the Design Journey of Zenscape

  • Adrian Bolesnikov,Jin Kang,Audrey Girouard
    Understanding Tangible Games Accessibility: Exploring Board and Card Gaming Experiences of People who are Blind and Low Vision

  • Karen Cochrane,Yidan Cao,Audrey Girouard,Lian Loke
    Breathing Scarf: Using a First-Person Research Method to Design a Wearable for Emotional Regulation

Session 6: I/O Systems


  • Mikołaj P. Woźniak,Julia Dominiak,Krzysztof Grudzień,Magdalena Wróbel-Lachowska,Jasmin Niess,Paweł W. Woźniak,Andrzej Romanowski
    Gapeau: Enhancing the Sense of Distance to Others with a Head-Mounted Sensor

  • Aaron Visschedijk,Hyunyoung Kim,Carlos Tejada,Daniel Ashbrook
    ClipWidgets: 3D-printed Modular Tangible UI Extensions for Smartphones

  • Hubert Maximilaan Smeitink,Joep Frens
    Domino: Twin interfaces to unveil the influence of personality traits on usability

  • Julius Cosmo Romeo Rudolph,David Holman,Bruno De Araujo,Ricardo Jota,Daniel Wigdor,Valkyrie Savage
    Sensing Hand Interactions with Everyday Objects by Profiling Wrist Topography

Session 7: Novel Interaction Techniques


  • Steven Scott,Awais Hameed Khan,Ben Matthews
    First Impressions: A Visual Catalogue for Understanding Interactions with Novel Interfaces in Augmented Reality

  • Stephen Lin,Nisal Menuka Gamage,Kithmini Herath,Anusha Withana
    MyoSpring: 3D Printing Mechanomyographic Sensors for Subtle Finger Gesture Recognition

  • Jin Yu,Prabodh Sakhardande,Ruchita Parmar,HyunJoo Oh
    Strawctures: A Modular Electronic Construction Kit for small to large- scale Interactive Structures

  • Li-Yang Wang,Ping-Hsuan Han,Liwei Chan
    Push-Ups: Enhancing Kinesthetic Experience with Shape-Forming Devices on the Feet Soles

Session 8: Analysis & Data


  • Yanhong Li,Meng Liang,Julian Preissing,Nadine Bachl,Michelle Melina Dutoit,Thomas Weber,Sven Mayer,Heinrich Hussmann
    A Meta-Analysis of Tangible Learning Studies from the TEI Conference

  • Rosa van Koningsbruggen,Hannes Waldschütz,Eva Hornecker
    What is Data? - Exploring the Meaning of Data in Data Physicalisation Teaching

  • Tim zum Hoff,Sabrina Großkopp,Robin Neuhaus,Marc Hassenzahl,Majella Mirjam Lilith Vincent
    Setting the Table for Future Homes

  • Niels van Berkel,Timothy Merritt,Anders Bruun,Mikael B. Skov
    Tangible Self-Report Devices: Accuracy and Resolution of Participant Input

  • Linda Hirsch,Robin Welsch,Beat Rossmy,Andreas Butz
    Embedded AR Storytelling: Exploring Active Indexing at Historic Places of Daily Use

Session 9: Methods & Tools


  • Claudia Núñez-Pacheco
    Dialoguing with Tangible Traces: A Method to Elicit Autoethnographic Narratives

  • Joris Weijdom
    Performative prototyping in a Collaborative Mixed Reality Environment: an embodied design method for collective design ideation, development, and testing in Virtual Reality

  • Dorothé Smit,Bart Hengeveld,Martin Murer,Manfred Tscheligi
    Hybrid Design Tools for Participatory, Embodied Sensemaking: An Applied Framework

  • Bruna Goveia da Rocha,Janne Spork,Kristina Andersen
    Making Matters: Samples and Documentation in Digital Craftsmanship

  • Evgeny Stemasov,Alexander Botner,Enrico Rukzio,Jan Gugenheimer
    Ephemeral Fabrication: Exploring a Ubiquitous Fabrication Scenario of Low-Effort, In-Situ Creation of Short-Lived Physical Artifacts