Thanks to our TEI 2022 Student Volunteers!

  • Saeri Kim
  • Stella Shen
  • Jin Yu
  • Hyeonhak Jeong
  • Shruti Mahajan
  • Gabriela Vega
  • Tao Long
  • Eldy Lazaro
  • Filipa Rocha
  • Sarah Skavron
  • Jorrit van der Heide
  • Femke Kocken
  • Margarita Grinko
  • Jinwook Kim
  • Ryuhaerang Choi
  • Yewon Kim
  • Gisela Michelle
  • Ye Eun Shin
  • Eugene Hwang
  • Juhyeong Park
  • Byoungjae Kim
  • Yoosang Yoon
  • Eunjin Grace Kim
  • Chaeyeun Ahn
  • Seon Gyeom Kim

What’s the role of Student Volunteers?

TEI 2022 is seeking enthusiastic and interested student volunteers to help make TEI 2022 this year. TEI 2022 will be a virtual online conference event due to the current omicron COVID-19 outbreak. We require help from online volunteers in facilitating the online activities of the conference. Online volunteers will be expected to facilitate a pleasant virtual conference experience by managing tasks such as crewing the Discord help-desk and being responsible for channel moderation.

We are looking for people who are familiar with discord and channel moderation, are reliable and keen on facilitating a smooth virtual conference experience. Duties might involve but are not limited to:

  • Facilitating online sessions (Zoom).
  • Moderating discussions in online channels (i.e., Discord, Zoom or YouTube).
  • Encouraging and helping attendees into digital rooms.
  • Troubleshooting online sessions.


We expect a workload of about 8 hours (including training session) and offer a 100% discount on the registration fee. To apply to be an online volunteer for TEI 2022 fill out the following link.
The application deadline is: Thursday, January 24th AEO.

Further Info

For any queries or further information regarding Online Volunteering for TEI 2022, feel free to contact Troy Nachtigall at

We look forward to seeing all of you at TEI 2022!