Tangible and Embedded Interaction 2009

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Tangible and Embedded Interaction 2009

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Please see the registration page for details.

We are happy to announce that TEI’09 will be held in Cambridge, UK on February 16-18, 2009.

TEI'09 is the third international conference dedicated to presenting the latest results in tangible and embedded interaction.

Computing is progressively moving beyond the desktop into new physical and social contexts. One key area of innovation has been around tangible computing, which pushes the user interface beyond the digital into the physical world by means of mobile devices, graspable interfaces, physical computing, and interactive surfaces. A closely related topic is that of embedded interaction where the everyday objects and environments we interact with are computationally augmented in new ways. Designing such systems requires interdisciplinary thinking. Their creation must not only encompass software, electronics, and mechanics, but also the system's physical form and behaviour, and its social impacts.

The work presented at TEI addresses HCI issues, design, user experience, tools and technologies, as well as interactive art in the broad area of tangible computing and embedded interactive systems. The intimate size of this single-track conference provides a unique forum for exchange of ideas through talks, interactive exhibits, demos, posters, art installations and performances.

The conference will be chaired by Nicolas Villar and Shahram Izadi from Microsoft Research Cambridge. The program co-chairs are Mike Fraser, from the University of Bristol and Steve Benford, from the University of Nottingham.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the conference chairs Nicolas Villar or Shahram Izadi.

Keynote Speakers at TEI'09

We are excited to confirm that keynote addresses at TEI'09 will be delivered by Tom Igoe and Durrell Bishop.

Sponsoring TEI'09

Please find information about sponsoring TEI'09 by becoming a donor, benefactor, or champion of the event here. You can contact this year's sponsorship chair, Sriram Subramanian, through his webpage.

Previous TEIs

TEI'09 follows on from the highly successful Tangible and Embedded Interaction 2007 conference (held at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA) and the Tangible and Embedded Interaction 2008 conference (held at Bonn, Germany).