Student Design Challenge
Reality from Sci-Fi: "Take an idea or concept from scifi and make it tangible"

Sci-fi is full of unrealised dreams - which ones can you take and turn into tangible realities today? Think about not only gadgets but also the concepts behind them. How can they be used to bring digital data out of the screen and into people's hands? What retro and hands-on ideas from the golden age of sci-fi can be updated with today's digital technology? We invited 7 young researchers to display their works at TEI, these portray some of Sci-Fi long-standing fictions as actual hands-on demonstrations.


Tuesday, March 21st, 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM,

Interactive Wall: Dynamic Structure in Living Spaces

Arielle Chapin (Brown University, Providence)

Knock Knock to Unlock: A Human centered Novel Authentication Method for Secure System Fluidity

Marisa Lu, Gautam Bose, Austin Lee, Peter Scupelli (Carnegie Mellon University)

The Sixth Sense: Augmenting Sensory Perception through Critical Design

Awais Hameed Khan, Alyssa DiSalvo, Ki Wang Ng, Shiva Balachandran, Trevor Hunter, Peter Worthy (The University of Queensland, Brisbane)

Phenomenologically Augmented Reality With New Wearable LED Sequential Wave Imprinting Machines

Pete Scourboutakos, Sarang Nerker, Max Hao Lu, Steve Mann (University of Toronto)

Paranovirus: Constructing Bridges Between Realities Using Digital

Media Aaron Cook (Institute of Design, Chicago)

MIDI Gloves

Kristofer Klipfel (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Star-force: a playful implementation of the Jedi-force

Shubham Jain, Dhawal Babbar, Shubham Sharma (USICT, GGSIPU)