Graduate Student Consortium



Each applicant should provide a short paper (four pages in the ACM SIGCHI archival format) describing their PhD project and ongoing work. An example may be found here. The write-up should include context and motivation, research objectives and questions, description of research approach and methods, selected results if applicable, as well as further planned activities.

The paper should provide a research description covering central aspects of the PhD work, describing the context and motivation, the main research objectives and questions, a short background/literature review relevant to frame the research, a description and rationale for research approach and methods, and a description of selected results if applicable. Appropriate visual communication is encouraged. Finally, the document should describe an outline of the activities done so far and activities planned for the remainder of the PhD.

Please append a one page statement of motivation for attending the GSC explaining what benefits you expect from participation to your paper. Submissions should be made electronically via TEI Precision Conference site. For technical reasons, you will only be able to submit one pdf file, thus your 4-page paper and the addendum statement need to be combined into one 5-page document.

Note that GSC submissions are not anonymous. Submissions will be reviewed by the GSC chairs and selected senior researchers in the field. Confidentiality of submissions will be maintained during the review process and all rejected submissions will be kept confidential. Selection of GSC participants will be made by the GSC chairs.

Accepted GSC papers will be published in the TEI Proceedings and in the ACM Digital Library.

GSC Meeting

The GSC will be held on Monday March 20th 2017. The day will start with a welcome and introduction by the GSC chairs and academic mentors. Then each PhD student will have time to present and engage in a group discussion about their work. The day will end with a general discussion plus wrap-up and dinner.

The GSC Co-chairs are actively seeking support for participant attendance at the Consortium. All such benefits are contingent on attending the Doctoral Consortium.

More Information

If you have further questions about Graduate Student Consortium, please contact the GSC chairs Jelle van Dijk and Wendy Ju.