Accessibility FAQs

TEI 2018 is committed to providing an inclusive environment and we will do our best to accommodate requests for special assistance. This page describes the accessibility features of TEI 2018, to help you make an informed decision about whether the conference will be accessible to you. Please contact us if your question is not answered here, or if the conference arrangements as described are not enough to allow you to attend. We will work with you to the best of our ability, to make the conference accessible.


How do I communicate accessibility needs to TEI 2018 organizers?

The Accessibility Chairs for TEI 2018 are Sylvaine Tuncer and Rob Comber, whose goal is to ensure the conference is accessible to everyone. When you register for the conference, there will be a registration question labeled “Please describe any special accessibility or dietary needs here.”. In your response, please indicate any accessibility needs such as wheelchair access, sign language interpretation, or a guide. The Accessibility Chairs will follow up with you to clarify your needs. You can contact them directly at any time by emailing

Who do I ask if my question is not answered here?

If there is specific accessibility information you would like to see here, or if you wish to discuss any accessibility requirements, please contact our Accessibility Chairs by email:, and someone will respond to you shortly.

For information about Stockholm accessibility, including public transport, go to SL, the Greater Stockholm City Transport organisation. From a Swedish network, you can call SL’s toll-free Customer Services specialized in accessibility information, on 020 120 20 22.

Will sign language interpretation or captioning be available?

The conference can provide a team of sign language interpreters or captioners if requested by any attendees during the registration period. Please make your request as early as possible. Our Accessibility Chairs will follow up with you to discuss your needs in more detail. After January 10th, 2018 (the deadline for early registration), a best effort will be made to accommodate requests, but we cannot guarantee that interpreters or captioners will be available.

What are the taxi and public transport options for getting to the conference venue?

Travel in and around Stockholm is simple and distances are short; the many public transport options are quick and reliable. Stockholm University and  KTH Royal Institute of Technology have their own metro stations, approximately 10-15 minutes from the main train station (Stockholm Central). Stockholm University can be reached at Universitetet station and KTH is served by Tekniska högskolan station. Both stations are on the Red Line (T14), in the direction of Mörby Centrum from the city centre.

The public transportation system is integrated so all tickets can be used on bus, metro, local trains and several ferries. Changes within the system is free if done within 75 minutes after the start of your journey. Cash or card payment on busses are not accepted, tickets must be purchased before hand using the smartphone app, at a subway or train station, or in a convenience store. You can find further useful information on transport to TEI at this link.

Specific information about travel from the airport to Stockholm city centre is repeated below.

Arlanda Express – Direct High Speed Train

The high speed rail connection into the city, Arlanda Express, takes 20 minutes and costs SEK 260 single (normal price). The train has but one terminal stop, at Stockholm Central Station, the main hub for all kinds of public transportation.

Airport Coaches

Airport coaches  take 40 minutes and cost SEK 119 for a single trip. The destination for the airport coaches is the Stockholm City Terminal, located next to the central station.

Shared Minibuses

DoorToGate  is a shared minibus service that takes you from the airport to your destination, but may drop others off at their destination on the way. It takes 30-50 minutes and cost SEK 289 for a single trip for 1 person, with a SEK 50 charge for each additional person.


Taxis are available at the airport outside the terminal. A taxi from Arlanda to your destination within central Stockholm will take approximately 30-50 minutes, depending on traffic. You are recommended to use one of the larger taxi companies such as Taxi Stockholm, Taxi 020 or Taxi Kurir. All these companies have a fixed price from the airport into central Stockholm and there are only slight difference in their prices. You are advised not to use other taxi companies or operators but if you do, ask the price in advance.

There are many taxi companies to choose from in Stockholm. Approved taxis with metered fares always bear yellow number plates. Credit cards are readily accepted. NOTE: Taxi prices are not regulated in Sweden; they may vary greatly. It is the customer’s responsibility to check prices beforehand. Check the price on the yellow-and-white label, which is usually on the rear door window, before entering the vehicle. The highest unit price of most taxis is between SEK 300 – 400.

The price on the yellow label is based on a 10 km, 15-minute journey. The price indicated on the taximeter is in Swedish kronor. For trips to and from Stockholm Arlanda Airport the major taxi companies have fixed prices of between SEK 450-550. Always ask the driver beforehand. In addition to the major taxi companies there are several independent firms; caution is advised.

Useful Links

Who can I ask about accessibility in Stockholm?

For information about Stockholm accessibility, including public transport, go to, the Greater Stockholm City Transport organisation. From a Swedish network, you can call SL’s toll-free Customer Services specialized in accessibility information, on 020 120 20 22.

Can a student volunteer assist me during the conference?

Yes. Student volunteers will be available to assist attendees with disabilities with navigation, meal service, or other accessibility needs. If you will need volunteer assistance at the conference, please indicate this on your conference registration form.

Attendees who require personal care assistance should bring their own assistant. Assistants who will be attending conference sessions must register for the conference. A reduced ‘companion rate’ is available.

What is the conference space like?

The conference will be held at Nymble at the Drottning Kristinas väg 15-19, on KTH Campus. The venue is co-located with the KTH Students Union (Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår). A Google Map of the location is available at this link. The venue is a short distance, approximately 300 metres, from Tekniska Högskolan metro station.

The conference will take place on the first floor of Nymble. An elevator is available to the right of the accessible entrance to take you to the conference space. The conference is single track and all talks will take place in one large, flat room. Seating areas can be reserved at the front of the room where required. Demonstrations, breaks, and lunch are planned to be provided adjacent to this room. An accessible toilet is available beside the break area.

Please see our other FAQs for more details about wheelchair or power scooter access, provisions for presenters, restrooms, walking and steps, and facilities for assistance animals.

Will the conference be accessible by wheelchair or power scooter?

Yes, the conference will be accessible to wheelchair or power scooter users. An elevator is available to the right of the accessible entrance to take you to the conference space. Student volunteers will be available at the entrance to provide assistance in getting to the conference venue.

Student volunteers will also be available on request to help with the lunch buffet.

If you are a presenter who uses a wheelchair, please contact us ( as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements. Poster sessions will have space for a wheelchair to move between the posters.

What are the restroom facilities like?

There is an accessible toilet adjacent to the conference venue and break area.

What are the arrangements for presenters with accessibility needs?

All presentations will be in the same room. Presenters will present at a podium on the stage.

If you are a presenter who uses a wheelchair, please contact us ( as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements to have a ramp installed. Poster sessions will have space for a wheelchair to move between the posters.

If you would like a student volunteer to operate slides or guide you onto and off the stage, or have other accessibility requests please contact Sylvaine Tuncer or Rob Comber by February 28th.

Can I bring my guide dog?

Yes! Guide dogs and other service animals are welcome at TEI 2018. There will be a relief area with water available. Please indicate on your registration form if you anticipate bringing a service animal to the conference.

Is there a pet relief area?

If required, we will make a pet relief area available by the accesible bathrooms on the level conference level. Please contact us as soon as possible to arrange this.

Can I attend the conference by robot?

We are sorry, but TEI 2018 will not be able to accommodate remote attendance by robot.

How much walking or standing will be needed?

The conference will require minimal walking between sessions and breaks. The conference rooms are adjacent the elevator. A limited amount of seating will be available during break and poster sessions.

An offsite is planned for the evening of Tuesday 19th at Kulturhuset. Kulturhuset is located at Beridarebansgatan 5. Information on accessibility at Kulturhuset is available in English via Google Translate at this link.

Please contact the Accessibility Chairs as early as possible if you have further questions or special requests.

Will there be an induction loop in the meeting rooms?

There is no induction loop available in the primary conference venue.

Will speakers and audience members asking questions be using a microphone?

Yes, microphones will be used for all speakers. Attendees with questions will be requested to use a microphone so that their question is more easily heard.

What food service will be provided?

The conference will provide buffet lunches every day except for workshop day. Food will be available in halal and vegetarian upon request. Dishes will be labeled. For more detailed information please contact the Accessibility Chairs. If you have special dietary needs, please indicate these clearly on your registration form.

Can the conference accommodate special dietary needs?

Yes. Attendees who indicate special dietary requirements on their registration form will be provided with special meals when the conference catering does not accommodate them. If you have a severe allergy please indicate this on your registration form. For more detailed information please contact the Accessibility Chairs.

Will the conference be a smoke-free environment?

All indoor conference areas are non-smoking. Marked smoking areas are away from building and entrance ways.

What if I have a medical emergency or health problem during the conference?

In case of emergency call 112 for an ambulance. The nearest hospital is 4 km away. If you have a sudden and serious accident or illness go to an emergency hospital clinic (in Swedish an akutmottagning) at a hospital.

If you require non-urgent medical care, please call 1177 or if you are calling from a foreign phone number dial +46 771 11 77 00. They will tell you where you should go. They might tell you to go to your local emergency ward. Local emergency wards (Närakut) provide immediate treatment for ‘minor’ injuries and illnesses. They are usually open daily 08.00–22.00 hours. Please call before a visit.

For other questions contact the Accessibility Chairs or ask any student volunteer. They will provide you with information about local doctors, specialists, chiropractors, etc. For non-resident attendees, buying travel insurance that covers medical expenses is strongly recommended as fees for emergency treatment can be very high.