Papers and Graduate Student Consortium

This template should be used to prepare TEI 2018 Papers and Graduate Student Consortium submissions.

Extended Abstracts Format

Please use this template to prepare your submissions for the Arts track, the Student Design Challenge, and Work in Progress.

Extended Abstracts Format for Studios

Please use this template to prepare your submissions for Studios.

Camera Ready Instructions

ACM Copyrights & Author Policies

After your paper gets accepted, the lead author will receive instructions from rightsreview@acm.org on the email address that is associated with the paper. Read through the ACM copyright and permissions policy to make yourself aware of any conflicts, expectations, releases, and 3rd party material information that will be needed to include certain figures, images, or other material in your submission.

  • The ACM eform assigned to your paper should be completed within 48-72 hours after receipt
  • The title and authors’ names need to be the same on the pdf, submission page, and ACM eform.
  • Please see the confirmation message from rightsreview@acm.org upon the completion of the assigned ACM eform for the text to include on the bottom/left of the first page of your camera ready submission.

Creating the .pdf

Your final submission should not contain any footer, page numbering, or header string information at the top or bottom of each page. All submissions will be paginated in a determined order by the chairs and page numbers added to each PDF during the compiling, indexing, and pagination process.

  • Because the proceedings will be distributed digitally, color images are allowed.
  • Make sure that your images are at least 300 or 600 dpi for quality reproduction, and preferably saved as TIF (EPS), instead of JPG (JPEG) images.
  • Rules used in your graphs, tables or charts must be at least 0.5+ pt. and black for quality reproduction.
  • If your figure uses custom or any non-standard font, the characters may appear differently when printed in the proceedings. Remember to check your figure creation to ensure that all fonts are embedded or included in the figure correctly.
  • If a figure or image is assembled from multiple images, the images must be embedded, layers flattened or grouped together properly in the file, not lined. Transparencies need to be flattened.

Finally, when you create your pdf from LaTeX or Microsoft Word, it should be an optimized pdf, quality of 600 dpi or more, and embedded fonts. The pdf must be US letter page size (8.5×11 inches). When your paper is ready, please check the pdf, using e.g. Acrobat Reader, for font embedding, formatting issues, bad column breaks, and all of the above mentioned requirements. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the publications chair.