Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library

SESSION: Paper Session 1: Shapechanging & Moving Interfaces

  • Tanja Döring

Working with an Autonomous Interface: Exploring the Output Space of an Interactive Desktop Lamp

  • Diana Nowacka
  • Katrin Wolf
  • Enrico Costanza
  • David Kirk

Morphology Extension Kit: A Modular Robotic Platform for Physically Reconfigurable Wearables

  • Sang-won Leigh
  • Timothy Denton
  • Kush Parekh
  • William Peebles
  • Magnus Johnson
  • Pattie Maes

TwistBlocks: Pluggable and Twistable Modular TUI for Armature Interaction in 3D Design

  • Meng Wang
  • Kehua Lei
  • Zhichun Li
  • Haipeng Mi
  • Yingqing Xu

Digitally Enchanted Wear: a Novel Approach in the Field of Dresses as Dynamic Digital Displays

  • Rebecca Kleinberger
  • Alisha Panjwani


The Cuebe: Facilitating Playful Early Intervention for the Visually Impaired

  • Peter Fikar
  • Florian Güldenpfennig
  • Roman Ganhör

Soft-bodied Fidget Toys: A Materials Exploration

  • Peter Cottrell
  • April Grow
  • Katherine Isbister

NewsThings: Exploring Interdisciplinary IoT News Media Opportunities via User-Centred Design

  • John Mills
  • Mark Lochrie
  • Tom Metcalfe
  • Peter Bennett

Mechamagnets: Tactile Mechanisms with Embedded Magnets

  • Clement Zheng
  • Ellen Yi-Luen Do

The Evolving Design of Tangibles for Graph Algorithmic Thinking

  • Andrea Bonani
  • Vincenzo Del Fatto
  • Rosella Gennari

The Artistic Potential of Tactile Vision Interfaces: A First Look

  • Antal Ruhl
  • Michel van Dartel
  • Alwin de Rooij

Embodied Interactions with E-Textiles and the Internet of Sounds for Performing Arts

  • Sophie Skach
  • Anna Xambó
  • Luca Turchet
  • Ariane Stolfi
  • Rebecca Stewart
  • Mathieu Barthet

Designing a Smart Reading Environment with and for Children

  • Pedro Ribeiro
  • Anna Michel
  • Ido Iurgel
  • Christian Ressel
  • Cristina Sylla
  • Wolfgang Müller

Kniwwelino: A Lightweight and WiFi Enabled Prototyping Platform for Children

  • Valérie Maquil
  • Christian Moll
  • Lou Schwartz
  • Johannes Hermen

CRISPEE: A Tangible Gene Editing Platform for Early Childhood

  • Clarissa Verish
  • Amanda Strawhacker
  • Marina Bers
  • Orit Shaer

Exploring Around-Device Tangible Interactions for Mobile Devices with a Magnetic Ring

  • Victor Cheung
  • Audrey Girouard

Investigation of Touch Interfaces Using Multilayered Urushi Circuit

  • Koshi Ikegawa
  • Shuhei Aoyama
  • Shogo Tsuchikiri
  • Takuto Nakamura
  • Yuki Hashimoto
  • Buntarou Shizuki

Tangible Interaction in the Dentist Office

  • Frode Guribye
  • Tor Gjøsæter

Paper Circuitry and Projection Mapping: An Interactive Textbook Approach to Veterinary Education

  • Margaret Cook
  • Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo
  • Michelle Pine
  • Annie Sungkajun

Touch Connection: A Vibrotactile, Textile Prototype

  • Lucie Hernandez

Designing an Expandable Illuminated Ring to Build an Actuated Ring Chart

  • Maxime Daniel
  • Guillaume Rivière
  • Nadine Couture

SESSION: Paper Session 2: Shapechanging Textiles & Interactive Materials

  • Ian Oakley

HäirIÖ: Human Hair as Interactive Material

  • Christine Dierk
  • Sarah Sterman
  • Molly Jane Pearce Nicholas
  • Eric Paulos

Integrating Textile Materials with Electronic Making: Creating New Tools and Practices

  • Irene Posch
  • Geraldine Fitzpatrick

ShapeTex: Implementing Shape-Changing Structures in Fabric for Wearable Actuation

  • Jiachun Du
  • Panos Markopoulos
  • Qi Wang
  • Marina Toeters
  • Ting Gong

Beyond LED Status Lights – Design Requirements of Privacy Notices for Body-worn Cameras

  • Marion Koelle
  • Katrin Wolf
  • Susanne Boll

SESSION: Demo Session 1: Textile, Light, and Shape Changing Interfaces

zPatch: Hybrid Resistive/Capacitive eTextile Input

  • Paul Strohmeier
  • Jarrod Knibbe
  • Sebastian Boring
  • Kasper Hornbæk

COLORISE: Shape- and Color-Changing Pixels with Inflatable Elastomers and Interactions

  • Juri Fujii
  • Takuya Matsunobu
  • Yasuaki Kakehi

Plux: Exploring Light Settings through Hybrid Control

  • Tom van Rooij
  • Saskia Bakker

Screenprinting and TEI: Supporting Engagement with STEAM through DIY Fabrication of Smart Materials

  • Stacey Kuznetsov
  • Piyum Fernando
  • Emily Ritter
  • Cassandra Barrett
  • Jennifer Weiler
  • Marissa Rohr

W.O.U.S.: Widgets of Unusual Size

  • Zann Anderson
  • Michael Jones
  • Kevin Seppi

Tailor-made Accessible Computers: An Interactive Toolkit for Iterative Co-Design

  • Florian Güldenpfennig


Augmented Metacognition: Exploring Pupil Dilation Sonification to Elicit Metacognitive Awareness

  • Alwin de Rooij
  • Hanna Schraffenberger
  • Mathijs Bontje

Designing Bimanual Tangible Interaction for Stroke Survivors

  • Mikko Kytö
  • David McGookin
  • Wilfried Bock
  • Héctor A. Caltenco
  • Charlotte Magnusson

MacroScope: First-Person Perspective in Physical Scale Models

  • Dorothé Smit
  • Thomas Grah
  • Martin Murer
  • Vincent van Rheden
  • Manfred Tscheligi

SENSE-SEAT: Challenging Disruptions In Shared Workspaces Through a Sensor-Based Seat

  • Nils Ehrenberg
  • José Luís Silva
  • Pedro Campos

EMS Painter: Co-creating Visual Art using Electrical Muscle Stimulation

  • Ashley Colley
  • Aki Leinonen
  • Meri-Tuulia Forsman
  • Jonna Häkkilä

Mobile, Exercise-agnostic, Sensor-based Serious Games for Physical Rehabilitation at Home

  • Ana Vasconcelos
  • Francisco Nunes
  • Alberto Carvalho
  • Catarina Correia

Feeling Virtual Worlds: An Exploration into Coupling Virtual and Kinaesthetic Experiences

  • Joey Campbell
  • Trevor Hogan
  • Mike Fraser

Your Body of Water: A Display that Visualizes Aesthetic Heart Rate Data from a 3D Camera

  • Lee Jones
  • Paula Gardner
  • Nick Puckett

Charged Utopia VR: Exploring Embodied Sense-making in the Virtual Space

  • Rosa van der Veen
  • Jeroen Peeters
  • Ambra Trotto

Designing the Interaction with the Internet of Tangible Things: A Card Set

  • Leonardo Angelini
  • Elena Mugellini
  • Nadine Couture
  • Omar Abou Khaled

Sew-Flow: A Craft Interpretation of a Digital Game

  • Kinneret Itzhak
  • Kamila Kantek
  • Dafna Levi
  • Shachar Geiger
  • Shoval Nir
  • Michal Rinott

Full Body Interaction beyond Fun: Engaging Museum Visitors in Human-Data Interaction

  • Swati Mishra
  • Francesco Cafaro

Prototyping and Simulating Complex Systems with Paper Craft and Augmented Reality: An Initial Investigation

  • Seokbin Kang
  • Leyla Norooz
  • Virginia Byrne
  • Tamara Clegg
  • Jon E. Froehlich

Flyables: Exploring 3D Interaction Spaces for Levitating Tangibles

  • Pascal Knierim
  • Thomas Kosch
  • Alexander Achberger
  • Markus Funk

TUIst: A Collaborative and Computationally Enhanced Game Board

  • Trisha Garcia
  • Shannon Brown
  • Siona Dev

Crimson Wave: Shedding Light on Menstrual Health

  • Margaret Flemings
  • Shanzay Kazmi
  • Rachel Pak
  • Orit Shaer

SESSION: Paper Session 3: Toys, Talk, & Play

  • Jörn Hurtienne

Smart Toys Design Opportunities for Measuring Children’s Fine Motor Skills Development

  • Svetlana Mironcika
  • Antoine de Schipper
  • Annette Brons
  • Huub Toussaint
  • Ben Kröse
  • Ben Schouten

ClassBeacons: Designing Distributed Visualization of Teachers-Physical Proximity in the Classroom

  • Pengcheng An
  • Saskia Bakker
  • Sara Ordanovski
  • Ruurd Taconis
  • Berry Eggen

Evolving Tangibles for Children’s Social Learning through Conversations: Beyond TurnTalk

  • Rosella Gennari
  • Alessandra Melonio
  • Mehdi Rizvi

Come and Play: Interactive Theatre For Early Years

  • Roma Patel
  • Holger Schnädelbach
  • Boriana Koleva

SESSION: Paper Session 4: Sensing in Virtual & Augmented Reality

  • Stacey Kuznetsov

Sensory VR: Smelling, Touching, and Eating Virtual Reality

  • Daniel Harley
  • Alexander Verni
  • Mackenzie Willis
  • Ashley Ng
  • Lucas Bozzo
  • Ali Mazalek

“You Better Eat to Survive”: Exploring Cooperative Eating in Virtual Reality Games

  • Peter Arnold
  • Rohit Ashok Khot
  • Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller

Situated Game Level Editing in Augmented Reality

  • Gary Ng
  • Joon Gi Shin
  • Alexander Plopski
  • Christian Sandor
  • Daniel Saakes

Ani-Bot: A Modular Robotics System Supporting Creation, Tweaking, and Usage with Mixed-Reality Interactions

  • Yuanzhi Cao
  • Zhuangying Xu
  • Terrell Glenn
  • Ke Huo
  • Karthik Ramani

SESSION: Demo Session 2: Kids, Arts, Music, Theatre & Augmented Reality

Tquencer: A Tangible Musical Sequencer Using Overlays

  • Martin Kaltenbrunner
  • Jens Vetter

Real-time Recognition of Guitar Performance Using Two Sensor Groups for Interactive Lesson

  • Yejin Shin
  • Jemin Hwang
  • Jeonghyeok Park
  • Soonuk Seol

Loominary: Crafting Tangible Artifacts from Player Narrative

  • Anne Sullivan
  • Joshua Allen McCoy
  • Sarah Hendricks
  • Brittany Williams

Interactive and Open-Ended Sensory Toys: Designing with Therapists and Children for Tangible and Visual Interaction

  • Florian Güldenpfennig
  • Peter Fikar
  • Roman Ganhör

MOD: A Portable Instrument for Mixing Analog and Digital Drawing for Live Cinema

  • Ali Momeni
  • Daniel McNamara

SWAY – Designing for Balance and Posture Awareness

  • Simon Asplund
  • Martin Jonsson

Hard and Soft Tangibles: Mixing Multi-touch and Tangible Interaction in Scientific Poster Scenarios

  • Alexandre G. de Siqueira
  • Brygg Ullmer
  • Mark Delarosa
  • Chris Branton
  • Miriam K. Konkel

SESSION: Arts Session: TEI Arts

Opto-Phono-Kinesia (OPK): Designing Motion-Based Interaction for Expert Performers

  • Steve Gibson

PainByte: Chronic Pain and BioMedical Engineering Through the Lens of Classical Ballet & Virtual Reality

  • Genevieve Smith-Nunes
  • Alex Shaw
  • Camilla Neale

The Cloakroom: Documentary Narratives in Embodied Installation

  • Ella Dagan

Nettle: An Exploration of Communication Interface Design for Older Adults

  • Audrey M. Fox

The Shared Individual

  • Asreen Rostami
  • Emma Bexell
  • Stefan Stanisic

Au Clair de la Lune on Gramophone “For Édouard-Léon Scott and László Moholy-Nagy” (1860 / 1923 / 2015)

  • Kazuhiro Jo

Objektivisering: Text Physicalization and Self-introspective Post-digital Objecthood

  • Marinos Koutsomichalis

DeepWear: a Case Study of Collaborative Design between Human and Artificial Intelligence

  • Natsumi Kato
  • Hiroyuki Osone
  • Daitetsu Sato
  • Naoya Muramatsu
  • Yoichi Ochiai

Op 1254: Music for Neutrons, Networks and Solenoids using a Restored Organ in a Nuclear Reactor

  • Leif Handberg
  • Ludvig Elblaus
  • Chris Chafe
  • Elliot Kermit Canfield-Dafilou

Embodisuit: A Wearable Platform for Embodied Knowledge

  • Sophia Brueckner
  • Rachel Freire

The Bronze Key: Performing Data Encryption

  • Susan Kozel
  • Ruth Gibson
  • Bruno Martelli

Tracking, Animating, and 3D Printing Elements of the Fine Arts Freehand Drawing Process

  • Piyum Fernando
  • Jennifer Weiler
  • Stacey Kuznetsov
  • Pavan Turaga

The Screaming Sun: Choreographing Synesthesia

  • Mithru Vigneshwara

Twinkle: A Flying Lighting Companion for Urban Safety

  • Honghao Deng
  • Jiabao Li
  • Allen Sayegh
  • Sebastian Birolini
  • Stefano Andreani

Synesthetic Experience in S T R A T I C

  • Vygandas “Vegas” Šimbelis
  • Anders Lundström

Thou and I: Exploring Expressive Digital Interaction with Interactive Characteristic Wigs

  • Young Suk Lee

Beacon: Exploring Physicality in Digital Performance

  • Anna Weisling
  • Anna Xambó

Marching Cubes Made Tangible

  • Jesse Colin Jackson

SKIN – Embodied Navigation through WiFi Traffic using Vibro-Tactile Feedback

  • Bas van den Boogaard
  • Louise Ørsted Jensen
  • Stefan Engelbrecht Nielsen
  • Vibeke Thorhauge Stephensen
  • Karina Lindegaard Aae Jensen
  • Markus Löchtefeld

I Want To: Multi-media Installation for Understanding Our Desire

  • Laewoo Kang

Rewilding Wearables: Sympoeitic Interfaces for Empathic Experience of Other-than-human Entities

  • Patricia Flanagan
  • Raune Frankjaer

Code{strata} Sonifying Software Complexity

  • Denez Thomas
  • Nicolas Harrand
  • Benoit Baudry
  • Bruno Bossis

‘Let’s Fake News’

  • Léon McCarthy

SESSION: Paper Session 5: Evaluating Tangible Interactions

  • Michael Rinott

Evaluating Learning with Tangible and Virtual Representations of Archaeological Artifacts

  • Christina Pollalis
  • Elizabeth Joanna Minor
  • Lauren Westendorf
  • Whitney Fahnbulleh
  • Isabella Virgilio
  • Andrew L. Kun
  • Orit Shaer

The Impact of Tangible Props on Gaming Performance and Experience in Gestural Interaction

  • Daniel Reinhardt
  • Jörn Hurtienne

Multimodal Effects of Color and Haptics on Intuitive Interaction with Tangible User Interfaces

  • Diana Löffler
  • Robert Tscharn
  • Jörn Hurtienne

Being in the Sky: Framing Tangible and Embodied Interaction for Future Airliner Cockpits

  • Catherine Letondal
  • Jean-Luc Vinot
  • Sylvain Pauchet
  • Caroline Boussiron
  • Stéphanie Rey
  • Valentin Becquet
  • Claire Lavenir

SESSION: Paper Session 6: Theory, Communities & Frameworks

  • Jelle Saldien

Cohousing IoT: Design Prototyping for Community Life

  • Tom Jenkins

Through the Glance Mug: A Familiar Artefact to Support Opportunistic Search in Meetings

  • Ahmet Börütecene
  • Idil Bostan
  • Ekin Akyürek
  • Alpay Sabuncuoglu
  • Ilker Temuzkusu
  • Çaglar Genç
  • Tilbe Göksun
  • Oguzhan Özcan

Focus Framework: Tracking Prototypes’ Back-Talk

  • Markus Lorenz Schilling
  • Ron Wakkary
  • William Odom

Understanding Transformations through Design: Can Resilience Thinking Help?

  • Rosa van der Veen
  • Viola Hakkerainen
  • Jeroen Peeters
  • Ambra Trotto


Exploring the Potential of Data Physicalization for STEM Learning

  • Sarah Hayes

Designing for Instructed Physical Training

  • Laia Turmo Vidal

Understanding and Designing Embodied Experiences Through Mid-air Tactile Stimulation

  • Dario Pittera

The Interactive Carpet – Smart Textile Interface for Children on Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Yulia Zhiglova

Choreographic Computational Composites: Investigating Small-Size Shape-Change Architecture through Performative Arts

  • Alice Rzezonka

Creating and Staging Interactive Costumes

  • Michaela Honauer

Unfolding an Industrial Design Approach to Physical Computing

  • Clement Zheng

SESSION: Studios

Sociomateriality: Infrastructuring and Appropriation of Artifacts

  • Tom Jenkins
  • Karey Helms
  • Vasiliki Tsaknaki
  • Ludvig Elblaus
  • Nicolai Brodersen Hansen

Designing eTextiles for the Body: Shape, Volume & Motion

  • Rachel Freire
  • Paul Strohmeier
  • Cedric Honnet
  • Jarrod Knibbe
  • Sophia Brueckner

Deformable Controllers: Fabrication and Design to Promote Novel Hand Gestural Interaction Mechanisms

  • Victor Cheung
  • Alexander Keith Eady
  • Audrey Girouard

Kinetic Body Extensions for Social Interactions

  • Kate Hartman
  • Boris Kourtoukov
  • Erin Lewis

Internet of Tangibles: Exploring the Interaction-Attention Continuum

  • Leonardo Angelini
  • Elena Mugellini
  • Omar Abou Khaled
  • Nadine Couture
  • Elise van den Hoven
  • Saskia Bakker

Tracking Well-Being Design Explorations Through Object Theatre

  • Andreas A. Heiberg Skouby
  • Merja Ryöppy
  • Robb Mitchell

SESSION: Student Design Challenge

An ambient communication system that sensitizes for the own loudness in working spaces

  • Christina Blank
  • Elena Gimmel
  • Sebastian Winter
  • Neele Rittmeister

Digitus Touch, Tattoo-Based Bodily Interaction

  • Robbert Troost
  • Anna Tunek
  • Fredrik Otterstål
  • Erik Gustavsson

Pain-catcher: Experiencing Pain in the future

  • Dina Yassine
  • Maria Laura D’have
  • Olga Germanovica
  • Sepideh Abbaszadeh

Designing an Intuitive Dynamic Telepresence System with Tangible Interface

  • Graham Smith
  • Sam Nemeth

Interactive Event Map

  • Nicolaas Bijman
  • Jiayao Yu
  • André Josefsson
  • Jim Tolman

ICOS: Interactive Clothing System

  • Hans Brombacher
  • Selim Haase

Aero- a smart ventilation interface

  • Martina Nina Eriksson
  • Shibashankar Sahoo
  • Carolyn Wegner

Post Food: Looking at Sustainability Through Design Futures

  • Simran Chopra

Embodiment of machine olfaction: The Braitenberg Nose

  • Marc van Almkerk
  • Rui Li
  • Nicola Marcon