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CarTeam: The car as a collaborative tangible game controller
Bernhard Maurer, University of Salzburg, Austria
Axel Baumgartner, University of Salzburg, Austria
Ilhan Aslan, University of Salzburg, Austria
Alexander Meschtscherjakov, University of Salzburg, Austria
David Wilfinger, University of Salzburg, Austria
Martin Murer, University of Salzburg, Austria
Manfred Tscheligi, University of Salzburg, Austria
Time: Mon 10:30 - Wed 16:00 | Session: Work in Progress | Location: Art, Demos and Posters Area Paper: PDF

Modern cars are a good example for ubiquitous computing, they are pervaded by interactive technologies. Most of these systems add new interface elements, clustering the car with knobs and touch screens. Our approach is to take advantage of physical structures and affordances of existing tangible objects in the car (e.g., handles) and use them as controllers for in-car gaming. By augmenting these elements with computational properties, we aim at transforming them into input modalities. We present CarTeam, a collaborative multiplayer game that uses tangible elements in the car as input devices. We conducted an exploratory study through game sessions and gained information on social processes in the car, the game design itself and on the augmented tangible elements. Our findings are a first step to inform the design of collaborative in-car games. We aim at helping designers and researchers to rethink the car as a space for new kinds of automotive gaming applications.

TEI 2014 Proceedings in the ACM Digital Library.

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