Sydney & Venues

Sydney is the largest city in Australia and will be the backdrop for the TEI 2020 conference. The conference is located within the city centre where most hotels are located, as well as the city’s many attractions (except for the beaches!).

Looking for something to do besides the conference? Consider local eateries and bars, or see our picks for things to do around Sydney.

UTS Building 11 – Main conference venue

The metal-clad facade of UTS Building 11 (the ‘cheesegrater’) with the UTS Tower in the background.

The main venue for the conference is at the University of Technology Sydney’s Faculty of Engineering and IT building. It is conveniently located a five-minute walk from Sydney’s Central station on UTS’ City campus.

The FEIT building, colloquially known as the ‘cheesegrater’ because of its perforated metal facade and CB11 in UTS’ numbering scheme, is located on 81 Broadway, Broadway, NSW 2007.

The UTS campus is located nearby the Central station on the edge of Sydney’s city business district (CBD). Some buses coming from the West stop directly in front of the university’s main building (200m away), but when coming from other places, your closest stop would the Railway Square bus station (400m away) or the adjacent train station (600m away). The hotels listed on the Travel & Accommodation page are all in the neighbourhood of the conference venue.

Tin Sheds Gallery – Art Exhibition venue

The Tin Sheds Gallery is located on the campus of the University of Sydney and will be TEI 2020’s venue for the Art Exhibition and conference party on Tuesday night. It is an exhibition space of the School of Architecture, Design, and Planning.

Map & getting there

The gallery is located on 148 City Road, Darlington (Sydney), NSW.

This venue is located around 1km West of the UTS campus, on the Eastern side of the University of Sydney campus. Coming from UTS, it may be convenient to walk over there (follow Broadway going West, then follow along City Road going South). Alternatively, several buses go there from the Railway Square bus station (route services 423, 426, 428 & m30). These buses also stop across from UTS on their way.