Info for presenters

During TEI2020, we expect many wonderful presentations of new and exciting work. Because the conference uses a single track, all attendees are able to attend all the presentations. This page lists information to help presenters make the most of their time.

We encourage presenters to check in with session chairs at least half an hour before the start of their session to ensure the schedule has not changed, that they are able to show their presentations as desired, and to work out any remaining practical issues.

Length of presentations

Presenters are strongly encouraged to stay within time limits to ensure room for audience questions. Short talks, in particular, should make sure the key message and/or contribution is presented early-on in the talk, before going into detail.

Equipment in conference spaces

We use the ground level lecture theatre (CB11.00.405) in UTS’ Building 11, which can comfortably fit all TEI attendees (unless there will be more than 250 of you!). This space is fitted with two large projectors, both connected to a lectern that has its own Windows PC running Powerpoint. If you prefer to use your own machine, dongles are available to hook up most common display standards (HDMI, USB-C, Thunderbolt 2, and Apple Lightning). The lectern also features an overhead projector. If desired, projectors can be switched between these input sources (e.g., to have different slides on the left and right side, or to supplement slides with live hand-drawing).

UTS Building 11 lecture theatre as seen from a presenter’s perspective.

Wireless microphones (both handheld and clip-on lapel mics) are available and given the size of the space, mandatory for use by presenters to ensure everyone can hear them. The lectern itself has a fixed microphone. For those with hearing difficulties, the theatre features hearing loop capabilities.

Studio spaces

Studios will use smaller teaching spaces, which feature comparable AV equipment as listed above (at minimum one projector, lectern with PC, and wireless mic). These spaces seat up to 40 people around a number of re-arrangeable tables. Studio organisers are advised to arrive early to set up their room as desired.

UTS Building 11 teaching space featuring projector and lectern.

Compared to the lecture theatre, tutorial spaces offer only limited access to power outlets. If having this is considered important to your Studio, please get in touch with the General and/or Local Chairs.

Demos and Posters

For equipment available during Demos and Posters sessions, please get in touch with the respective Chairs.

Accessibility guidance

TEI strives to enable as many people as possible to join in the conference discussions. SIGACCESS has a shortlist of things you can do to ensure information is accessible and easily understood by everyone.