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Bid for 2023

Call for Hosting TEI in 2023

The TEI Steering Committee welcomes proposals for hosting and organizing future TEI conferences. TEI is an ACM sponsored conference and is typically held in February. TEI attracts an interdisciplinary audience from HCI, engineering, design and the arts and provides a platform for discussion and meeting people. We value diversity and aim to learn from other perspectives. As a custom, TEI is a single-track conference (i.e. no parallel presentation sessions). TEI has a number of submission tracks including papers, pictorials, work-in-progress, graduate student consortium and student design challenge and can host various presentation styles (talks, demos, panels, exhibitions & performances). TEI has been always very open to art and performance submissions, and we also value hands-on activities in the form of studios and/or workshops, which are an integral part of the conference and a good place to meet others and learn TEI-skills at the same time.

Proposals should address the following issues:

  • People involved in the bid and their roles (at minimum the general chair and the program chairs). Please include a short bio for core people and highlight involvement in previous TEI conferences and with the TEI community
  • Commitment to publish the proceedings with ACM and to apply for ACM sponsorship
  • Organizational support at the hosting location
  • Proposed location and details about a possible venue
  • Potential time(s) when the conference can be held
  • Estimated time for issuing the CfP, availability of a website, submission deadlines and registration deadlines
  • Draft conference program
  • Budget overview, including expected revenues from registration fees and sponsors and expected expenses (venue, catering, etc.)
  • Local organization and supporting organizations
  • Arguments for why the conference as proposed by you will be attractive to the TEI community (e.g. accessibility, international rotation, location, relation to specific sub-communities, ability to attract both new and ‘old’ conference visitors)
  • Likely sponsors
  • Any direction/theme change you would envisage and any new features/tracks you would like to include

Deadline for bids to host TEI 2023: 1 November 2020. The TEI Steering Committee will then take the final decision in February after TEI2021.

Please email your proposal as a PDF document to sc-chairs@tei.acm.org