Art & Performance

The Art & Performance track invites the TEI community to speculate on how the arts impact, inspire and shape our scientific research practice.

Submission deadline (extended)September 25, 2020*
October 9, 2020*
Notification of acceptanceOctober 16, 2020
October 30, 2020
Camera-ready deadlinetba*
Conference datesFebruary 14 – 17, 2021
Exhibition Opening & PerformancesFebruary 15, 2021
Art Exhibition open to publicFebruary 15 – 27, 2021

* Deadline times are midnight Anywhere on Earth (AoE)

General Information

The art and performance track at TEI seeks interactive artworks and performances that articulate and provoke alternative viewpoints to facilitate the discussion around the TEI theme of tangible interaction design. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Artistic perspectives and critiques of human-machine-interaction
  • Questioning established forms of digital-physical interactions
  • Experimental materialities and speculative science 
  • Multimodal experiences provoking all human senses
  • Embodiment of digital data and critical data representation
  • Physical manifestations of artistic research methods
  • Breaking sociotechnical constraints through cultural diversity

We welcome submissions from independent artists, academic researchers, professional practitioners as well as art and science students seeking the opportunity to exhibit/perform their artworks combined with a publication in an established academic research context. 

Accepted artworks will be exhibited at Kunstraum 5020 in Salzburg for the extended period of two weeks after the main conference, freely open to the general public. This will emphasize the general visibility of the artistic contributions from the TEI community. We also invite performative pieces, which will be staged publicly at a cultural venue in Salzburg (TBD) during the first evening of the main conference. Works submitted to the art and performance track can either be extended to be presented as optional performances, or can be specifically handed in as exhibit or performance only. Please indicate whether your submission should be considered as an exhibit and/or performance through the submission process.

Funded artistic residency in Salzburg and Linz

We are glad to offer the additional opportunity to apply for two funded artistic residencies, fostering the artistic research method within the TEI community. This residency program provides the possibility to specifically develop and adapt existing artworks for TEI2021 during an extended stay in Salzburg or Linz four weeks before the conference. Residencies will be hosted by Subnet Salzburg and Salzamt Linz and provide artists with the relevant accommodation, infrastructure and potential on-site help to develop their artwork for its presentation during TEI2021. Additional funding will support the fundamental travel and living expenses throughout the stay.

Submissions that should be considered for the residency program will also be handled via PCS by providing an optional statement during the submission.

Submission guidelines

TEI2021 uses ACM workflow for submission templates and published papers. This requires the use of a simplified one-column template for submission, while the final two-column paper has to be rendered for publication after acceptance. For further details please follow the provided instructions or contact our Publication Chairs.

Art and Performance reviews are not blind, the submissions should therefore include the author(s) name and affiliation. In addition to the description of the artwork (approx. 2-4 pages in two-column format), applicants must submit a setup information form (technical rider) describing the technical and logistical requirements of exhibiting/performing their work. It is also recommended to submit a short video or other additional review material documenting the artwork, as well as an optional biography and/or portfolio. 

Accepted submissions will be published in the ACM digital library. Accepted authors will have the opportunity to submit a higher quality video which will be included in the conference proceedings (and possibly displayed during the conference).

Selection process

Submissions will be selected based on their artistic quality and their approach to timely and relevant topics to the field of tangible, embedded, and embodied interactive art. The spatial and logistical constraints of the exhibition venue may determine the eligibility of submitted projects. Submitted artworks are expected to operate independently, due to the extended exhibition after the main conference. The review and selection process will be based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance – The work should be relevant to the TEI community scope. 
  • Artistic – The artwork should be compelling through its significantly formal, conceptual and experiential properties. 
  • Tangible – The work should have a primary tangible and material aspect that engages human interaction beyond conventional screen-pointer interfaces. 
  • Computational – It should involve computational technology (digital, biological, or analog) in some aspect of its form or function. 
  • Positioning – The artwork should be positioned within related areas of theory and/or/practice. 
  • Feasibility – The size, installation and operation of the artwork should fit the gallery or performance space as well as its handling and transport
  • Professionality – The artistic research quality of the submitted paper

Submission Process

All submissions must be made via the Precision Conference (PCS) website.


Accepted artworks will be exhibited at Kunstraum 5020 in Salzburg, both during the time of the conference, as well as the following two weeks after the conference in February 2021 as part of a public exhibition. Artists will need to be available for installation, and setting up their work at Kunstraum 5020 at least two days before the conference. After the end of the exhibition your artwork will be shipped back.

Accepted performances will be staged during the first evening of the main conference (Monday 15, 2021), with the setup taking place throughout the day.

One author of each accepted submission must register for the conference before the early registration deadline in order for the final paper version to appear in the conference proceedings. Authors of accepted submissions only pay the reduced fee for attending the conference, independent artists may apply for a waived registration fee.


Art Chairs

Karolina Radenkovic, Kunstraum 5020 Salzburg
Manuela Naveau, University of Art and Design Linz
Bernhard Maurer, University of Applied Sciences Salzburg

Performance Chairs

Barbara Lüneburg, Anton Bruckner University Linz
Enrique Tomás, University of Art and Design Linz

Residency Chairs

Marius Schebella, University of Applied Sciences Salzburg
Reinhard Gupfinger, University of Art and Design Linz