Information for Authors

Changes compared to previous years

  • TEI 2021 is using the new The ACM Publication System (TAPS) process and templates for all tracks except for Pictorials. There is no longer a different Extended Abstracts format.
  • The submission process has changed slightly. There are now two deadlines for revised version (20. October 2020) and final camera-ready version (tbd).
  • There are no hard page length limits for submissions anymore. Nevertheless, please try to be as concise as possible. Reviewers may suggest shortening the paper or may reject the paper if its contribution is not adequate for its length. The ACM TAPS web site contains a handy table for comparing the page length of single-column manuscript and dual-column camera-ready version. Previous TEI instances had a page limit of 4-10 dual-column pages. You might want to stay within these limits.
  • As the conference is virtual event, you will be asked to prepare and submit a video summary of your talk before the conference.

When submitting your paper for review:

  • You have the choice between writing your paper using the LaTeX template (.zip), the LaTeX template in the Overleaf collaborative editor, or the MS Word template (.docx).
  • We suggest using the LaTeX template instead of the Word template. It will make the final submission much easier.
  • Please submit you paper as a single-column manuscript via PCS. For the LaTeX template, the document class should be set using \documentclass[manuscript, review=true]{acmart} .

When submitting the revised version:

  • If your paper has been conditionally accepted, you are asked to submit a revised version and a list of changes you made.
  • Please submit a deanonymized paper revision at this stage.
  • The deadline for paper revisions is 30. October 2020 via PCS.
  • Format: a PDF file using the same single-column submission template and supplementary materials as necessary
  • You do not need to submit paper source files or a video at this point in time (unless asked so by reviewers).

When submitting the final camera-ready version:

  • If the revised version has been accepted for publication, you will receive a notification by email around 20. November 2020.
  • This email will contain up-to-date instructions for preparing and submitting the camera-ready version (including a deadline for uploading it).
  • We strongly suggest using the LaTeX template instead of the Word template for preparing the camera-ready version. Finalizing the submission using the Word template/workflow has caused authors some frustration.
  • If you are using the Word template, please prepare and submit your camera-ready version as a single-column manuscript by following the official guidance. As the official templates are still changed from time to time, please wait with preparing the camera-ready version until you are notified about the further steps (around 20. November 2020).
  • If you are using the LaTeX template, you can then directly submit your source files to TAPS. TAPS will generate a proof PDF from your LaTeX source files. You will have the opportunity to resubmit the sources multiple times until you are happy with the output.
  • Further information about the process will be added later.

For all questions regarding the publication process, please contact the publication chairs, Chatai and Raphael, at