Aaron Chooi

Two multimeters connected to the swatch sample for measuring


In this investigation we present a material driven inquiry into fibreglass and the hand lay-up technique of composite lamination, as well as its affordances for the development of a tangible user interface. This was achieved by taking an in-depth look at woven fibreglass and its propensities as a craft material through its varying states of pliable fabric, wetted mesh and hardened composite. Through this, we propose the potential design of a pressure activated fibreglass skin for rigid and semi rigid fibreglass structures. Primarily through the means of a tri layer laminated fibreglass structure, with a polypyrrole treated fibreglass core sandwiched between 2 embroidered conductive fibreglass layers.


Fiberglass plain woven mats, steel conduc-tive thread, polypyrrole treated fiberglass mat, vinyl ester binding resin and graphite powder.


Janome Memory Craft 9700 Embroidery Machine, Magnetic stirring plate, Various glass beakers.

Schematic drawing of the fibreglass layers and conductive thread that build up the swatch


The Inspirational work of PolySense, The Embroided Computer and Sensing Kirigami.




This is super cool. I’m impressed by the creative use of polymerization and I find the following motivation stated in the paper: “I see a potential in integrating electronics and computation during the design and fabrication of fiberglass objects; as opposed to post-production instrumentation.” believable.