FEBRUARY 14 - 19, 2021

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Slider Swatch

Pia Obermaier, Stela Blagova, Joana Breyton and Anna Blumenkranz

The finished swatch showing a fabric slider swatch on a tray felt base. As slider a jeans button is used.


Our Swatch deals with the question of how a simple switch with different triggers can best be put into the context of e-textiles. With the help of a button, you make contact between different tracks. Depending on where the button is located, different actions are triggered. To make it easier to use, we have chosen 3 different LEDs, which light up when the button touches the respective track. Our Swatch is technically easy to implement and simple to understand, even though it took a lot of work and effort to develop the idea. The Slider can be applied to different types of textiles at any time and is hardly noticeable because of its minimalist and clear design. Nevertheless, it convinces with its functionality, because it allows for seamless integration of electronic circuits using elements already available in textile production.

Schematic drawing of the slider swatch


felt (thick and thin), iron-on fleece, conduc-tive fabric, conductive thread, sewing thread, battery, two buttons, LEDs


Sewing needle, scissors, a soldering iron, saw, tweezer.

Running stitch, blanket stitch, ironing, sewing, twisting LED wires, soldering, sawing

Schematic drawing of the materials and tools used to make the swatch: conductive thread, thread, conductive fabric, iron-on fleece, LEDs, button, battery bag, battery.Cutout pattern for the fabrics: upper bank felt, middle bank felt, and lower bank felt. And the tools needed: sewing needle, soldering iron, saw, plies


Thanks to Anna Blumenkranz and Irene Posch for helping us with the publication of the paper and the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences for providing us with material.



The hack of the ‘two sided button’ is cool. The slider swatch demonstrated is well crafted and documented. The concept is quite simple and I have yet to see it accomplished with this specific technique.