For the Student Design Challenge (SDC) student teams were invited to submit projects on the topic of “tools of creativity”. The work of artists and craftspeople are in many ways defined by their tools, clothing, artifacts of work, and even their bodies. Think paintbrushes, chisels, knives, ballet shoes, and, so on. One of the original inspirations for the field of Tangible Interaction comes from the observation that much of the richness and expressivity of these tools are being lost in the translation to computer-based interfaces. Thus, this year’s challenge focuses on the tools of creative professionals.
The selected SDC entries are on display on Monday 15 February, 16:00-21:00h at the Designhuis. The SDC winners are announced just before the Closing Keynote on Wednesday 17 February.



Conor Byrne, Evan Healy, Nigel Frahill, Rebecca Power

Sensole: An Insole-Based Tickle Tactile Interface

Eric Geißler, Andreas Mühlenberend, Klaus Harnack

InflatiBits – A Modular Soft Robotic Construction Kit for Children

Christopher Kopic, Kristian Gohlke

Whoosh Gloves: Interactive Tool to Form a Dialog Between Dancer and Choreographer

Svetlana Mironcika, Joanne Pek, Jochem Franse, Ya Shu

Hulagram: Inspiring Creativity Through Human Movement

Megan Dalton Rafferty, Danielle Daly, Anthony O’Brien and Craig Fleming

Tommy Blocks: a modern redesign of the classical children’s building blocks

Riccardo Rigo, Charlotte Kortbeek, Cristian Grama, Denis Laure

MuSme: A Tangible Skin Suit for Music Creation

Amal Tidjani, Eileen Cho, Priscilla Lee