Eindhoven has a local airport hosting several continental flights operated by low cost airlines. In addition, Eindhoven is only a 1,5-hour train ride away from Amsterdam Schiphol international airport. Direct trains to Eindhoven leave twice an hour from Track 1-2 (direction: Heerlen). Tickets can be purchased at the ticket machines in Schiphol at the train station’s entrance and cost €19,40 per one-way ticket.


Residents of some countries outside of the European Union will need a ’schengen visa’. For a complete overview of visa requirements and for information on how to apply, please check: VISA REQUIREMENTS


Despite being the fifth largest city in the Netherlands, the center of Eindhoven is compact. All major areas, such as the Eindhoven University of Technology campus, the central railway station, creative area Strijp-S, as well as hotels, restaurants, and museums are all within reasonable walking distance of each other. Walking between the main venue at the TU/e campus and the other TEI locations will take maximum 30 minutes by foot.

Get a TEI bike!

Instead of walking you can also choose to get around Eindhoven “the Dutch way”, by renting a bike. We offer bike rental for all TEI attendees with a rate of only €30,- for four days. Bikes can be picked up on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning at the conference location and can be handed in again on Wednesday during the lunch break. If you want to make use of the bike-rental option, please indicate so when registering for the conference, since TEI-bike rental is under condition of a minimum number of bike rentals.


Even though we recommend bikes, using public transport is also an option. You will need an OV-Chip card (the Dutch version of the Oyster card), which can be purchased for €7,50. You can buy the card and upload the necessary travel credits (in Euros) to the card at the ticket machines in the station. Please note that getting reimbursement of left-over travel credits will cost €2,50. For more information about the OV-Chipcard, please check: OV-Chipcard

• Between station and TU/e campus: Bus 104 (weekdays 7:00-9:00 and 16:00-18:00)
• Between station and Designhuis(demo venue): Bus 17, 20, 174 (daily 6:00 - 24:00)
• Between station and Radio Royaal(conference dinner venue): Bus 16, 18, 401, 402 (daily 6:00 - 24:00)
• Between station and Eindhoven Airport: Bus 401, 402 (weekdays 6:00 - 24:00, weekends 7:00 -24:00)
To plan your journey by bus, check: 9292ov


The venue for the conference dinner (Strijp-S) can also be reached by train. It is a 5 minute ride from Eindhoven Central Station, to the Eindhoven Beukenlaan Station. The restaurant, called Radio Royaal, is right behind the station. Trains to Eindhoven Beukenlaan leave two to four times per hour from Track 6. Tickets (€4,40 for a return ticket) can be purchased at the ticket machines in the station. Amsterdam’s Schiphol International Airport is only a 1,5 hour train ride away from Eindhoven. Direct trains to Schiphol leave twice an hour from Track 6. Tickets (€19,40 for a one-way ticket) can be purchased at the ticket machines in the station. To plan your journey by train, check: NS


Eindhoven has numerous hotels and hostels of various levels of luxury, located in the city center at walking distance from the venue.

Eindhoven University of Technology has price agreements with Inntel and Sandton hotels, located in the center of Eindhoven. If you want to book a room in the Inntel hotel or the Sandton hotel please mention the booking code “TEI 2016”

Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven (price: single room as of € 132,50 excluding city tax)
Mathildelaan 1
5611BJ Eindhoven

Sandton Hotel Eindhoven (price: single room as of € 89,50, excluding city tax)
Stratumsedijk 23 d/f
5611 NA Eindhoven

Eindhoven University of Technology has no price agreements but good experiences with the Blue Collar Hotel:

Blue Collar Hotel
Strijp S, Klokgebouw 10
5617 AA Eindhoven

Local Tips

Even though Eindhoven is a relatively small city, there is plenty to do when you know your way around.

Museums and Sightseeing

Eindhoven has a surprising high number of museums that you can visit. See a list below:

Contemporary art
The Van Abbe museum, located in an old Cigar factory, has a world class collection of contemporary art. Even if you are not that much into the art itself, the combination of old and new architecture already makes the building worthwhile. Another interesting gallery to visit is MU, located in the Strijp area. The temporary exhibitions at MU attract anyone with an interest in the energetic mix of design, fashion, music, architecture, and new media that contemporary art is.

Industrial history
A number of museums in Eindhoven show the industrial history, with the main companies that originate from Eindhoven. The Philips museum in the center, for example, shows the first light bulb factory that started the Phillips empire. The original museum is still intact, and the rest of the building nicely showcases the development of the company towards the multinational it is today. Another part of Eindhoven’s industrial history can be seen in the DAF museum. Even though DAF currently only focusses on trucks, its museum shows a very complete collection of its history of producing consumer cars. If you are into oldtimers, this is the place to go.

Food and drinks

A small selection of the organizing committee’s favourite spots:

Meneer de Boer, located in the center (Keizersgracht 20, has the best couches to crawl up in on a rainy afternoon. We especially like that they serve breakfast all day. If you like to start the day with good coffee, Lucifer (Kleine Berg 47) and CoffeeLab (inside the Eindhoven Brandstore, Stationsplein 17, centre) serve perfect cappuccinos, espresso’s and lungos. If your winter coat allows you to sit outside in the February cold, go to Koffiehuisje (Ketelhuisplein 1, Strijp-S area). The lovely smiles (and homemade apple pie) will warm you up.

Usine (Lichttoren 6) is located in the old lamp factory of philips, right in the center of Eindhoven. The building, called Light Tower (Lichttoren) was Philip’s lightbulb testing lab, where the lightbulbs would burn all through the night to see how long they would last. Now it houses a great place for lunch or afternoon tea. We especially recommend the carrot cake. For homemade soups, nutritious sandwiches, and fresh salads, go to Onder de Leidingstraat (at Leidingsstraat 45, Strijp-S area). The Vershal Het Veem (Torenallee 36, Strijp-S area) is a local market with small stands that serve locally produced Dutch cheeses, pancakes, wines, and veggies, amongst many other things. Everything can be tasted on the spot, or bought to bring home.

The dommelstraat near the station offers a street filled with restaurants of all sorts. Whether you search for an Italian pizza places, belgian and Irish pubs, Spanish tapas, or fancy cocktails, this is the place to be. Some of our favourite restaurants, however, are a bit more difficult to find. De Karseboom (Grote Berg 10, centre) was founded already in 1941, and breaths a surprisingly light and calm atmosphere. The food is fresh and made with care, and they serve a large variety of vegetarian dishes. De Hoogste Tijd (Vrijstraat 38, centre) brings you back to the 70’s, with orange retro printed wallpaper and spinning discoballs. They have nice varying week dishes and an internationally oriented menu. After dinner in the weekends, the place transforms to a bar with drinks and DJ’s. For the best freshly fried cod and biological fries, take your TEI bike to the Strijp-S area to Fish & Chips (Torenallee, Strijp-S area). Also try the shrimp or octopus version! For a sit-down dinner in a casual environment, Ketelhuis (Ketelhuisplein 1, Strijp-S area) is a good option. They serve simple but high quality local produce, and surprise you with a small selection of two or three dishes that vary every day.

Drinks can be found all around in Eindhoven, but if you like beer, we know the places to go! De Baron (Kleine Berg 26) is a traditional ‘brown’ cafe. They have a large selection of belgian beers and a no-nonse attitude. Van Moll (keizersgracht 16A) presents a more modern take on a beer cafe. Their large selection includes many of their own crafts as well as many creations from small breweries all over Europe. Another local brewery is De Stadsbrouwerij (Vestdijk 280), located in an old factory it is a great place to try some local beers.

Stratumseind is Eindhoven’s famous bar street with over 50 bars and cafes. On any friday or saturday, there will be many groups on a pub-crawl, hopping from from one bar to the next all throughout the 225 meter long bar street. There’s something for everyone with a large mix of different bars and music styles. The street mainly attracts a young crowd and is especially busy on the weekends after midnight. The cafes on the Markt square and Plein 4 (Stationsplein 4) attract a more mixed crowd. These cafes are a nice place for dinner and drinks that slowly transitions into a place for dancing and a good night out.