Work in Progress

The Work In Progress track at TEI’16 presents cutting-edge, straight-from-the-lab and hot-from-the-laser-cutter work that is truly “in progress”. We have welcomed intermediate reports on high-potential projects that, although not yet finished today, promise to become tomorrows hotly debated breakthroughs. With the WIP theme “Direction from Action” we emphasise the value of inquiry grounded in reflection on ongoing design action.

All accepted Work In Progress submissions are on exhibition on Monday 15 February, 16.00-21.00h at the Designhuis


EmotiPlant: Human-Plant Interaction for Older Adults

Leonardo Angelini, Stefania Caparrotta, Omar Abou Khaled, Elena Mugellini

Maketec: A Makerspace as a Third Place for Children

David Bar-El, Oren Zuckerman

Functional Demonstrators to Support Understanding of Smart Materials

Bahareh Barati, Elvin Karana, Kaspar Jansen, Paul Hekkert

IrukaTact: Submersible Haptic Search Glove

Aisen C. Chacin, Takeshi Oozu, Hiroo Iwata

Penseive Box: Themes for Digital Memorialization Practices

Charu Chaudhari, Anjanakshi Prakash, A.M. Tsaasan, Jed R. Brubaker,
Joshua Tanenbaum

Embodying Alternate Attitudes: Design Opportunities for Physical
Interfaces in Persuasive Gaming Experiences

Emily S Cramer, Brendan B Matkin, Alissa N Antle

Exploring the Potential of Realtime Haptic Feedback during Social Interactions

Ionut Damian, Elisabeth André

Comparing bare-hand-in-air Gesture and Object-in-hand Tangible User
Interaction for Navigation of 3D Objects in Modeling

Sanmathi Dangeti, Yingjie (Victor) Chen, Chunhui Zheng

Storytime with Hue: An Innovative Approach to Storytelling Where
Storytellers Control a Dynamic Lighting Environment

Catherine Downey, Sherin W. Kamel

InfoPhys: Direct Manipulation of Information Visualisation through a
Force-Feedback Pointing Device

Christian Frisson, Bruno Dumas

Making Communication Frequency Tangible: How Green Is My Tree?

Carolina Fuentes, Iyubanit Rodriguez, Valeria Herskovic

Code Bits: An Inexpensive Tangible Computational Thinking Toolkit
For K-12 Curriculum

Sidhant Goyal, Rohan S Vijay, Charu Monga, Pratul Kalita

TASK: Introducing The Interactive Audience Sensor Kit

Florian Güldenpfennig, Oliver Hödl, Peter Reichl, Christian Löw,
Andreas Gartus, Matthew Pelowski

Toward Thingy Oriented Programming: Recording Marcos With Tangibles

Florian Güldenpfennig, Daniel Dudo, Peter Purgathofer

Exploring the Use of Shape Change in Home Appliances

Frederik Lund Jakobsen, Stefan Michael Pedersen, Jacob Albæk Schnedler,
Nikolai Houlberg Øllegaard

MARCut: Marker-based Laser Cutting for Personal Fabrication on Existing

Takashi Kikuchi, Yuichi Hiroi, Ross Smith, Bruce Thomas, Maki Sugimoto

UnicrePaint: Digital Painting through Physical Objects for Unique
Creative Experiences

Mami Kosaka, Kaori Fujinami

Grasping Cultural Context through Multisensory Interactions

Jamie Kwan, Jean Ho Chu, Daniel Harley, Melanie McBride, Ali Mazalek

Exploring SCI as Means of Interaction through the Design Case of
Vacuum Cleaning

Lasse Legaard, Christian Hannesbo Lorentzen, Josephine Raun Thomsen,
Jonas Techen

Four Stories About Feeling Close Over A Distance

Eva Lenz, Marc Hassenzahl, Wasili Adamow, Patrick Beedgen,
Kirstin Kohler, Thies Schneider

Click: Using Smart Devices For Physical Collaborative Coding Education

Dixon Lo, Austin Lee

HandyFeet: Social Bodily Play Via Split Control of a Human Puppet’s Limbs

Robb Mitchell, Andreas Fender, Florian 'Floyd' Mueller

HydroMorph: Shape Changing Water Membrane for Display and Interaction

Ken Nakagaki, Pasquale Totaro, Jim Peraino, Thariq Shihipar, Chantine Akiyama,
Yin Shuang, Hiroshi Ishii

Tangible Modeling Methods for Faster Rapid Prototyping

Satoshi Nakamaru, Jakob Bak, Dhruv Saxena

Expressing Intent: An Exploration of Rich Interactions

Rachel Ng, Raghavendra Kandala, Sarah-Marie Foley, Dixon Lo,
Molly Steenson and Austin Lee

Interactive Jewellery as Memory Cue: Designing a Sound Locket for Individual Reminiscence

Karin Niemantsverdriet, Maarten Versteeg

Designing a Multi-user Interactive Simulation Using AR Glasses

Seungjae Oh, Kyudong Park, Soonmo Kwon, Hyo-Jeong So

MoCap Tango: Traces Of Complexity

Jeroen Peeters, Ambra Trotto, Stoffel Kuenen

Functional Interactive Tatting - Bringing Together a Traditional
Handicraft and Electronics

Alan Poole, Anne Poole

Tactile Band: Accessing Gaze Signals from the Sighted in Face-to-Face

Shi Qiu, Matthias Rauterberg, Jun Hu

E-Gaze Glasses: Simulating Natural Gazes for Blind People

Shi Qiu, Siti Aisyah Anas, Hirotaka Osawa, Matthias Rauterberg, Jun Hu

Inner Garden: an Augmented Sandbox Designed for Self-Reflection

Joan Sol Roo, Renaud Gervais, Martin Hachet

A Tangible Tool for Visual Impaired Users to Learn Geometry

Lisa Marie Rühmann, Nuno Otero, Ian Oakley

The Speaker's Staff: Supporting Remote Multidisciplinary Team
Meetings in Hospitals

Bert Vandenberghe, David Geerts

MagnetoWear: A Magnetic Wearable Device to Interact With the
Smartphone to Perform Personalized Actions

Rohan S Vijay, Sidhant Goyal

Present-at-Body Self-Awareness in Equestrians: Exploring Embodied ‘Feel’
through Tactile Wearables

Jillian L. Warren, Brendan B. Matkin, Alissa N. Antle

Designing Sculpting Light Systems for Information Decoration

Jiang Wu, Harm van Essen, Berry Eggen

DrawForming: An Interactive Fabrication Method for Vacuum Forming

Junichi Yamaoka, Yasuaki Kakehi

KIP3: Robotic Companion as an External Cue to Students with ADHD

Oren Zuckerman, Guy Hoffman, Daphne Kopelman-Rubin, Anat Brunstein Klomek,
Noa Shitrit, Yahav Amsalem, Yaron Shlomi