Work in Progress

Important Dates

• 25 Oct 2015, 11:59 pm PDT: Submission deadline
• 27 Nov 2015, 11:59 pm PST: Notification of acceptance
• 18 Dec 2015, 11:59 pm PST: Camera ready deadline

General Info

The Work-in-Progress track in TEI’16 is the premiere venue for presenting your cutting-edge, straight-from-the-lab and hot-from-the-laser-cutter work that is truly in progress. We ask for intermediate reports on high-potential, original, imaginative research projects that, although not yet finished today, promise to become a hotly debated break-through of tomorrow. We welcome promising results, early prototypes, inspiring problems and ideas, puzzling research data, outstanding problems, future directions, horizons, and conceptual analyses that are all grounded in solid - yet unfinished - research and design work.

Direction from Action

The phrase Direction from Action connects the unique experience of discussing a ‘work in progress’ to the main theme of this conference. It emphasizes the particular value of inquiry that is grounded in reflections on ongoing design action, where local problem solving and tinkering spurs innovation, and where theory evolves together with practice. Note that the WiP track adds its own value to TEI. This means summaries of completed work, work that has been published elsewhere, as well as completed research that was submitted yet rejected as a full paper are not appropriate as a Work-in-Progress submission.


Work in Progress submissions should be between 2 and 6 pages in Extended Abstract format and present high quality original work relevant to the TEI community. The paper should furthermore explicitly reference one of the following tangible expressions that you will bring to the conference for display:

• A physical prototype/demo (provide pictures in the paper)
• A video of your design/research process (Provide link in the paper))
• (Raw) AV footage of user testing and/or ethnographical materials (provide link or video stills in the paper)
• A set of crucial excerpts (quotes, verbatim conversation) taken from interviews
• A visualization of a pivotal diagram, model or framework you are developing, possibly with earlier versions to show its evolution (provide link to hi-res version, prezi or visual animation if so needed)
• Design-research probes or other kinds of tangible objects, toolkits, materials, research equipment that significantly contributed to your work and which you can physically bring and display at TEI (provide pictures in paper)

More than one of these expressions are possible, but we aim for at least one, next to your textual submission. You choose what most drives your current thinking and recent insights.

At the conference, instead of a separate poster, you are asked to bring and display the WIP paper as a A0 poster, together with the tangible expression (the prototype, the video, the probes…). You are encouraged to include in the poster of your paper a tag or similar possibility for visitors for mobile access to online versions and auxiliary materials of your work.


Submissions should be between 2 and 6 pages in the Extended Abstract format. They must be in PDF file format.
All work – both papers and video – must be submitted electronically via the TEI Precision Conference site.

Review Process

Submissions will be reviewed in a double-blind process, and authors must ensure that their names and affiliations do not appear on the submitted papers. The author and affiliation sections of the Extended Abstracts template must be left blank. In case of acceptance, authors will be asked to provide a publication-ready copy that includes this information, along with any recommended improvements as suggested by the reviewers. 

Papers will first be considered for review based on the following criteria:
• The work is truly ‘in-progress’. 
• The work presents a ‘tangible expression of the research’ that will be physically displayed at the conference.

A review committee will then discuss acceptance or rejection based:
• Relevance for conference theme
• Overall quality (given a WIP: potential impact, research/design approach)
• Uniqueness (innovativeness):  added value
• Potential to enrich and provoke discussion


Confidentiality of submissions will be maintained during the review process. All rejected submissions will be kept confidential in perpetuity. All submitted materials for accepted submissions will be kept confidential until the start of the conference.

File Size

Please note that the maximum size of your submission should not exceed 40 Mb. If your requirements exceed this limit, please contact the Work-in-Progress Chairs to make alternative arrangements. It will be possible to submit large videos via a link to online content (e.g. youtube or vimeo).


One author of each accepted submission must register for the conference before the early registration deadline in order for the final Work in Progress paper to be published in the conference proceedings.

More Information

If you have further questions about Work in Progress for TEI 2016, contact the WIP Chairs , Jelle van Dijk and Berry Eggen.


All work must be submitted electronically via the TEI Precision Conference Site.