TEI 2023 Accepted Work in Progress

We are happy to announce the accepted work-in-progress submissions for TEI23. This year we had an acceptance rate of 45%. Stay tuned for the detailed program. 


  1. Jules Sinsel, Anniek Jansen, Sara Colombo. Facebook Data Shield: Increasing Awareness and Control over Data used by Newsfeed-Generating Algorithms.


  2. Xinyi Yang, Katarina Bulovic, Susanna Chen, Junyi Zhu, Stefanie Mueller. Azimuth Calculation and Telecommunication between VR Headset and Smartphone for Nearby Interaction.


  3. Ziyuan Jiang, Takafumi Morita, Kanon Aoyama, Yu Kuwajima, Naoki Hosoya, Shingo Maeda, Yasuaki Kakehi. A Method for Controlling the Continuous Transparency of Three-dimensional Objects Utilizing Mechanical Emulsification.


  4. Kobi Hartley, Joe Finney, Steve Hodges, Peli de Halleux, James Devine, Gabriele D’Amone. EasyFab : Evolving Beyond the Prototype with Jacdac.


  5. Annemiek Veldhuis, Alissa N. Antle, Dr. Bernhard Rieke. TangiTeam: Supporting Social Regulation of Learning during Design-Based Learning.


  6. Tafadzwa Joseph Dube, Ahmed Sabbir Arif. Ultrasonic Keyboard: A Mid-Air Virtual Qwerty with Ultrasonic Feedback for Virtual Reality.


  7. Alisa Popp, Magdalena Hartmann, Stephan Huber. Acrosuit: Promoting Improvisation in Acroyogis With Tactile and Visual Cues.


  8. Takumi Suzuki, Hiroyuki Manabe. Estimation of brush type passive stylus angles using capacitive image.


  9. Yijia An, Qinglei Bu, Jie Sun, Eng Gee LIM, Lijun Kong, Zhiqin Chen. Interactive Rehabilitation Carpet for Children with Cerebral Palsy.


  10. Beste Ozcan, Valerio Sperati, Flora Giocondo, Massimiliano Schembri, Gianluca Baldassarre. Multi-sensory Wearable Bio-feedback Pillow to Enhance Genuine Feeling of Intimate Connection.


  11. Quirien R. M. Hover, Armağan Karahanoğlu, Kostas Nizamis, Anke Kottink, Hans Rietman, Juliet A.M. Haarman. Development of Interactive Hand Rehabilitation Tools Based on Activities of Daily Living.


  12. Philip Keller, Roy van den Heuvel, Carine Lallemand. Acceptably Active Interface Interactions – Transforming Mundane Digital Work Tasks into Physically Active Tasks.


  13. Lauren Niu, Xinyi Yang, Martin Nisser, Stefanie Mueller. A Digital Fabrication Procedure to Rapidly Fold Structures via Pull-up Nets.


  14. Xinyi Yang, Martin Nisser, Stefanie Mueller. A Programmable Composite Material for Tangible Interaction.

  15. Mikołaj P. Woźniak, Anna Walczak, Adam Jan Sałata, Heiko Müller, Julia Dominiak, Andrzej Romanowski, Susanne Boll. HaptiCollar: Investigating Tactile Acuity Towards Vibrotactile Stimuli on the Neck.

  16. Chris Hill, Casey Lee Hunt, Sammie Crowder, Brett L Fiedler, Emily B. Moore, Ann Eisenberg. Investigating Sensory Extensions as Input for Interactive Simulations.

  17. Mieke Fimpel, Nathan Flach, Mats Reckzügel, Bernhard Maurer. “Hey, can we talk?”: Exploring How Revealing Implicit Emotional Responses Tangibly Could Foster Empathy During Mobile Texting.


  18. Bhaskar Dutt, Kyzyl Monteiro, Ayush Misra, Yatharth Taneja, Aman Parnami. Reducing Smartphone Distractions by Channelizing its Capabilities through Tangible Skins.

Work in progress Chairs

Linda Hirsch, Ludwig Maximilian University, Germany

Jasmin Niess, University of Oslo, Norway



26 February – 1 March 2023 in Warsaw, Poland in University of Warsaw Library and Copernicus Science Centre



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